FRA Financial Risk Analysis
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Risk management in purchasing - what does it mean for us?

At FRA-Services AG, we understand risk management in purchasing as a decisive factor for success. Our expertise lies in analyzing the financial stability of your strategically important suppliers. We go beyond standard approaches by having individual financial risk analyses performed by experienced balance sheet analysts. Based on the latest documentation, we identify changes at an early stage so that we can proactively initiate a dialog. No off-the-shelf solutions – only customized results to minimize your purchasing risk. Welcome to a new era of purchasing risk management – precise, human and, above all, forward-looking.

How is our FRA report structured?

Our FRA Report is characterized by clarity and conciseness on four pages to provide you with relevant information quickly and soundly. What makes it special: Our evaluation is a combination of our scoring system, validated by Steinbeis Analytics, and the high level of analytical expertise of our employees.

What makes us

These attributes are at the core of our approach at FRA-Services AG. We are convinced that they not only distinguish us, but also enable us to offer our clients first-class financial risk analysis services.


Our commitment to quality begins with actively requesting the most up-to-date documentation from the companies we evaluate. But that’s not all: we maintain this timeliness by consistently ensuring that our monitoring information is always up to date.


We focus on uniqueness. Our financial analyses are deliberately free of any standardization in order to accurately reflect the individual situation of each company in our analyses. We believe that every company has its own story that needs to be understood. In this way, we achieve meaningful results that provide a reliable basis for decision-making.


For us, quality goes far beyond the simple evaluation of figures. We add value by producing a thorough and in-depth analysis that provides a comprehensive understanding of financial data, delivering accurate insights and valuable recommendations.


In an increasingly globalized world, it is critical to understand international financial information from companies located around the world. We bring these global perspectives to bear by comprehensively analyzing international financial data to provide a holistic view of a company’s financial position.

We focus on risk prevention instead of damage limitation.

The four pages of the FRA Report
Cross-industry transparency for strategic suppliers - Our analyses, your clear decisions.