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In a world full of uncertainties – from geopolitical conflicts to rising energy and financing costs – we have pooled our expertise at FRA-Services AG. Our mission is to support companies in turbulent times. This is how the FRA+ scenario analysis came about. We asked ourselves how companies can better understand the financial impact of these complex factors. Our answer: a targeted analysis of different scenarios. By linking existing financial information of the companies concerned, we provide insights into possible future scenarios. FRA+ scenario analysis is our tool to not only identify uncertainties, but also to proactively respond to them. This is because we believe that forward-looking action is the key to minimizing risks and exploiting opportunities.

How does the FRA+ scenario analysis work?

Our analysis builds on the existing financial information and sheds light on the potential development of the
financial stability. With the help of elaborated scenarios, we examine in detail how different
parameters could have an impact on the earnings and balance sheet ratios as well as the liquidity of your suppliers.

Why is FRA+ scenario analysis gaining importance, especially in today's world?
All these factors have a significant impact on the financial
performance of your suppliers.
Material & Energy

Current development of rising costs for raw materials, as well as for energy


Increasing technological


financing costs



The result
Clarity in times of uncertainty
Your benefit from our FRA+ scenario analysis
  • Our analysis report creates the basis for a proactive exchange with your suppliers.
  • Identify future challenges at an early stage.
  • More time for the essentials.

FRA+ scenario analysis - your path to predictive risk management.

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