Customized financial risk analyses: Our “manufacture” in the data world

The world of supplier financial analysis is an important cornerstone for any company looking to gain insight into the financial stability of its business partners. In this blog post, we will focus on two critical financial documents: the balance sheet and the income statement (P&L), and how they play a critical role in supplier evaluation and supply chain risk management in general.
FRA manufacture instead of automation


In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential to make well thought-out decisions. Especially when it comes to the financial stability of your suppliers, accurate information is critical. At FRA-Services AG, we believe in “manufacture not automation” to ensure that each financial risk analysis is unique and provides the highest level of accuracy. In this article, you will learn why we value individuality and how our experts dive deep into the world of data to provide you with reliable information.

Why No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions?

Today’s business world is characterized by standardization and automation. These processes are undoubtedly efficient, but they can reach their limits when it comes to assessing the financial stability of suppliers. At FRA-Services AG, we firmly believe that every company is unique and therefore requires individual analysis. Our financial risk analyses are not based on prefabricated templates, but are prepared by experienced balance sheet analysts who carefully scrutinize relevant key figures and changes.

The art of “Manufacture

Our experts go far beyond questioning numbers. They dive deep into financial data to ensure accurate assessment of supplier financial stability. Direct contact with suppliers in the event of queries is also essential. We believe that only through this intensive approach can accurate and reliable information be obtained.

Quality control for precision

Our work does not end after the analysis. Each financial risk analysis goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure you receive the most reliable information. Only when the highest quality standards are met, the analysis is passed on to our customer.

Why We Do This

Why do we invest so much time and energy in creating customized financial risk analyses? Because we understand how critical it is to make sound business decisions based on reliable information. The partnership cooperation between our customers and their suppliers is very important to us.

At FRA-Services AG, we believe in the power of precision and individuality. We are your trusted partners in the world of financial data, and our commitment to quality and excellence will help you bring transparency to your supplier relationships.

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