Risk management in purchasing: What should companies pay particular attention to?

In the world of procurement and supply chains, risk management plays a critical role. Companies that practice effective risk management in purchasing are better able to meet unexpected challenges and ensure long-term stability. One of the most important sources of information for risk management in purchasing are the suppliers’ annual financial statements, consisting of the balance sheet and income statement (P&L). This financial information provides valuable insight into suppliers’ financial stability and performance. Here are some key aspects that companies should pay particular attention to:

Customized financial risk analyses: Our “manufacture” in the data world

The world of supplier financial analysis is an important cornerstone for any company looking to gain insight into the financial stability of its business partners. In this blog post, we will focus on two critical financial documents: the balance sheet and the income statement (P&L), and how they play a critical role in supplier evaluation and supply chain risk management in general.